• Products:
    • Gaseous Oxygen
    • 3 to 5% liquid oxygen nominal
  • Size Range:
    • 50-200T/D
  • Purities:
    • 95%O2 to 99.5%O2
  • Delivery Pressure:
    • 2-10psig w/o oxygen compression
    • 10psig w/ oxygen booster compression
  • Design Features:
    • Highly packaged design
    • Low capital and installation costs
    • Low specific power costs
    • Standard plant design
    • Custom booster compressor packages to meet specific needs
    • Units can be coupled with liquefiers for higher liquid production
Entire Crayogenic Plants Range
Standard Nitrogen Generators Custom Nitrogen Generators Standard Oxygen Generators
Custom Oxygen Generators Full Product Air Seperation Unit

Entire Product Range

Nitroge Plant

Carbondioxide Recycling,
Generation, Purification & Bottling

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