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Capacity 1- 3000 NM / hr
Purity 90-99.9995%
Dew point (-) 40 C - (-) 80C

Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) is the main stream adsorbent for PSA nitrogen gas generators. It is a differential diffusion rate system based on the fact that the oxygen molecule is smaller than the nitrogen molecule.

A special CMS adsorbs oxygen gas, carbon dioxide gas, moisture and so on in compressed air in a short period of time & compressed nitrogen gas is obtained at the outlet. When the pressure is removed to the atmospheric or vacuum level, CMS, which has adsorbed oxygen gas and others easily desorbs them and is regenerated.

When the above two operations are done alternately between two adsorpton columns, nitrogen gas can be separated continuously from the air.

Veecon IPA offers non-cryogenic pressure swing adsorption (PSA) based on-site nitrogen plant, in collaboration with Kuraray Chemicals Ltd., Japan, a world renowned global company.

Since 1940 intensive research and development efforts have ensured that high purity nitrogen (99.99% N2 + Ar) gas separation directly from air. Further nitrogen purification is done by catalytic purification.

  • On-site generation of low cost nitrogen.
  • High performance CMS yields significant energy savings by low air consumption.
  • Nitrogen purity and capacity can meet your specific needs.
  • Simple mechanism and compact design; fully automated unattended operation.
  • Efficient turndown ratio to match your specific nitrogen demand

  • Chemical

    -  Inerting
    -  Drying
    -  Tank and tanker blankeing
    Reaction injection molding (RIM)
    Pressure transfer-Purging
    -  Pipeline pigging
    -  Packaging
    -  Sparging-Catalyst regeneration

  • Chemical Processing

    -  Purging of tanks and vessels, pressure testing of piping
        systems, inerting of storage tanks and vessels

  • Food/Beverage

    -  Controlled atmosphere atorage
      Packaging-Wine/Fruit Juice/Beer Dispensing
    -  Pressure transfer

  • Food Processing and Storage

    -  Filling gas for food packaging, controlled atmospheres for
       the storage and transportation of fruit.

  • Electronic

    -  Dry box storage
    -  Burn-in ovens
      Reflow ovens

  • Oil and Gas

    -  Oil and Gas
    -  Drilling operations
    -  Offshore platform utility
    -  Catalyst regeneration
    Enhanced oil recovery
    -  Pipeline purging
    -  Tank and tanker blanketing

  • Pharmaceuticals

    -  Sparging
    -  Blanketing

  • Aviation

    -  Air craft maintenance
     Tyre filling

  • Marine/Offshore

    -  Powder storage
      Tanker blanketing
      Instrument air (offshore platforms)
    Pressure transfer

  • Material Handling and storage

    -  Prevention of dust explosions in silos and bins,
       transporting of pellets and powders.

  • Metals

    -  Aluminum extrusion
    -  Annealing
    -  Carburizing

  • Metallurgical Heat Treatment

    -  Inert atmospheres for heat treating ferrous and non-ferrous  annealing.

  • Paints and Coatings

    -  Purging to prevent polymerization of drying oils, packaging

  • Rubber

    -  Packaging and preserving, manufacture of tyres







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