Veecon-IPA delivers you systems for the capacity of a few litres to s system with a capacity of thousands of cubicmeters per hour, for the highest quality requirement of;

  • Semiconductor technology
  • Fibre glass technology
  • Lighting industries
  • Metallurgical units
  • Food industries
  • Chemical process industries
  • Oil drilling and petrochemical industries
  • Plastic industries and many others
Veecon-IPA delivers purification systems for:
  • Hydrogen
  • Oxygen
  • Nitrogen
  • Helium
  • Argon
  • Carbondioxide
  • Other gases and gas mixtures

The illustrations demonstrate the abilities of our systems.
Hydrogen purification system. 5600 m3/hr, 200 bar, H2 ex Chloralkali electrolysis.
You may discover the purified hydrogen produced from our plants in your next margarine pot.

Co2 Purification system. 600 m3/hr, 22 bar, CO2 ex Ethylenoxidefabrication. You may find the cleaned CO2 bubbling our of your next bottle of soda water. Not illustrated but still not just a promise, Hydrogen purification system 20m3n/hr, 200 bar, total impurities less than 1 ppm. The purified hydrogen of the integrated chips of your next computer.

Entire Product Range

Nitroge Plant

Nitrogen Plant
Generation Plant

Carbondioxide Recycling,
Generation, Purification & Bottling


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